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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  August 12, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i learned he has a shoe fetish and that the seattle sounders, mls, major league soccer, make great free stuff. >> a big step forward. >> zeke emmanuel's a driven guy. >> okay. >> what did you learn? >> emma and lila are 1 today. alex's twins. you know what, i always told you me likes his twins better than he like us and he cares about them more than he cares about us. >> there's no doubt. you just wonder where he learned values like that from. >> whatever. to each their own. beautiful girls. >> who's that? >> cajun. >> cajun? >> i just wanted -- >> okay, let's just wrap it up now. >> just so you know, is chuck gone? chuck todd's picture. we've got pictures all down the hall of all the nbc -- >> yeah, they're gone. >> they've ripped chuck todd's down. now, stick around for peter
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alexander and "the daily rundown." thanks for watching. hawkeyes on it is prize. sure, it may still be like something 77 days till the caucus but it feels like 2016 in iowa as republicans rev up the base with red meat rhetoric. democrats decide whether some things are inevitable. a little later today, a major announcement coming from attorney general eric holder on drug sentencing policies here in the u.s. it could have a big effect on who goes to jail and for how long. we'll have the latest on that. it is also election eve in new jersey. front-runner corey booker appears to be coasting to a seat in the u.s. senate. this morning, we're going to talk to one of his democratic opponents, state assembly speaker sheila oliver, why she thinks the newark mayor is not the right candidate for the job. good morning from san jose, california, it's monday, august
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12th, 2013. we go now to washington for "the daily rundown." here's chuck todd. >> peter alexander in for chuck todd. thanks to him, pass and go for 200 bucks in that video. sorry to hear canadians beat your record for the largest chess set but you have the world's largest monopoly board. now we get to this morning's headlines. president obama is on a working vacation. congress is in recess. there's no debate from the intelligence debate. reassuring the public about his surveillance programs be s by a a privacy advocate to his mix. some republicans argued that it simply is not practical. >> the idea of having a public defender, you know, when really what it is is a search warrant to the fisa court which you wouldn't have in a normal
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criminal case would slow down the efficacy of our counterterrorism investigation. i don't think that's the right way to go. >> i think it would be very impractical to have it done. maybe on some general policy issue where the court's going to make a decision, perhaps you could bring in an advocate. on day to day life and death decisions, i believe absolutely not. >> the debate comes as concerns about the threat posed by al qaeda in yemen seem to have eased. all but one of those diplomatic posts closed last week have now reopened. includes the u.s. embassy in cairo. at the same time, the u.s. is dealing with more fallout from russia's decision to harbor confessed nsa leaker edward snowden. president obama got bipartisan support for scrapping face-to-face meetings with vladimir put in but many urged him to step up the pressure on the russian leader. >> he's an old kgb colonel who
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has no illusions about our relationship, does not care about the relationship with the united states. continues to oppress his people. continues to oppress the media. continues to act in an autocratic and unhelpful fashion. >> i think if you talk to people within our state department, within others, there's just complete exasperation. i've called putin -- he's a schoolyard bully. and the only way you deal with bullies is stand up to them. >> for more on all of today's headlines, we're joined by nbc's kristin welker in martha's vineyard, nbc's michelle kosinski in cairo. i want to get a sense how closely we know the president is following this back and forth over the plan he introduced on friday. already we noted senior republicans are criticizing him, warning his plan could account an actually slow anti-terrorism
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efforts. >> as you mentioned, this is a working vacation. his national security adviser susan rice is here with him on martha's vineyard. he's getting briefed regularly on a whole host of topics. including, you would have to assume, the ongoing debate about his government surveillance programs. as you point out, republicans -- they really went after the president, arguing that he hasn't done a good job of explaining the program. that is why there are these problems really getting the public on board, and will worry that ultimately it is sort of draining and limiting his ability and the government's ability to fight terrorism. so that is what republicans have been saying. democrats, he's getting some criticism from them as well. some democrats essentially saying that they still have concerns about privacy rights. these are concerns we are seeing
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play out sort of nationally and in the public discourse according to our latest nbc news "wall street journal" poll. 56% of americans still have concerns that these programs could limit privacy rights. so the president to some extent has a pr problem when it comes to this issue. certainly something that he will continue to monitor here on his vacation. peter. >> all right. certainly a little blackberry interference there but we trust nsa was not able to see any of those e-mails as we were speaking. president obama has been vocal about his frustration with the russian presentident, not just r his decision on snowden but over the decision that many say amounts to discrimination against homosexuals. nbc's michelle kosinski is in moscow. ahead of this winter's olympics in sochi, not far from you what are we hearing from athletes that are there, especially track stars competing in the same stadium, especially in the same
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area where the olympics was last boycotted? >> i would say this law absolutely amounts to discrimination against gay people. that is who it singles out. it bans the distribution of, quote, propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to children. obviously, ambiguous in its meaning, but clear in its intent. there have already been arrests here in russia. and some dutch filmmakers who interviewed a teenager about the gay community. here we are, 179 days away from the winter olympics in sochi, russia. and we're hearing strong reaction from top leaders in government, arts and sports. some celebrities have been all out calling for a boycott of the olympics. lady gaga tweeted, why didn't you arrest me when you had the chance, russia? was it because you didn't want to answer to the world? and twice president has spoken against this law.
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he said it's offensive. it violates basic more raralitm. but he said a boycott isn't the right answer. also one athlete competing right now at the track and field world championship in moscow, runner nick simmonds, he wrote, if i was in a race with a russian athlete, i would thank him for his country's generous hospitality and then after he said, soundly beating this athlete, he would silently dedicate the win to his gay and lesbian friends back home. the international olympic committee says they want to make sure this is not going to affect the olympics but it just hasn't been clear and they've now asked russia for more clarification. >> maybe just announce some added motivation for those american athletes. we want to go to egypt where security forces are holding off on plans to break up crowds of protesters who continue to hold rallies demanding that ousted president mohamed morsi be returned to power there.
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can you give us a sense, what led to this decision to, again, postpone any crackdown? >> well, the word of the day is clearly within the egyptian government that there are some divisions about how to proceed forward. what we've learned over the course of the last 24 hours is there are those within the egyptian government who have expressed grave reservations about going forward with this type of operation to break up these types of forces using security forces. it would obviously lead to a lot of bloodshed and that is not something egypt can withstand. as a result of this, it seems the egyptian cabinet has been divided on how to proceed. already, it has voted to give the minister of interior authority to break this protest up. some notable figures are reportedly very concerned about what that would do to egypt's domestic political scene. one of the country's most senior
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religious figures is inviting members of the muslim brotherhood as well as the interim government to come down to the institution and hold talks and try to achieve national reconciliation. that so far has fallen on deaf ears. as we understand, nobody has accepted that agreement. there is still a political standoff. in the eyes of many, time may be running out. pete. >> reporting for us from cairo. mohamed morsi still not seen since july 3 in that country. still to compane, the obama administration is today going to call for the end to mandatory minimums for some drug offenders. what it will mean for the massive prison population in this country. we're just a single day away from the special election in new jersey. can anyone catch this man, corey booker? we'll talk to one of the democrats who is putting up a fight. first, today's politics planner. get a sense of everything going on, including eric holder. those remarks to take place at 1:00 p.m. eastern time.
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much more ahead on this monday edition of "the daily rundown." the field of dreams for presidential wanna bes where the first votes will be cast for the race to the white house. the republican heavy hitters converging. putting the party's family feud on full display. democratic hopefuls are not far behind. vice president biden marking his calendar. and hillary clinton supporters
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are already out in force. in des moines, we have it all for you next in this morning's first readings. first, today's trivia question. 44 women have served in the u.s. senate. how many different states did they represent? the first person to tweet the correct answer to @dailyrundown or @peteralexander will get an on air shoutout. is like hammering. riding against the wind. uphill. every day.
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high fever, confusion and stiff muscles or serious allergic skin reactions like blisters, peeling rash, hives, or mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. we're back. you're watching "the daily rundown." the iowa caucuses are still more than 28 months away. they're so far off that the actual date for the caucuses isn't even set yet. the next round of presidential wanna bes are net wasting time converging on that state that will cast the first votes for 2016. biden will be the keynote speaker next month. of course a launching pad for presidential candidates.
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san antonio mayor hulian castro who keynoted last summer's convention will also be there. this weekend an eclectic mix of 2016 hopefuls and hangers-on gathered in april ed ied in amf social conservatives. >> there is no more important regulatory reform we can do than to repeal every single word of obama care. >> a young charismatic leader rose up, talking about hope and change. his name was fidel castro. socialism requires that government becomes your god. that's why they have to destroy the concept of god. they have to destroy all loyalties except loyalty to the government. that's what is behind homosexual marriage. >> my challenge to the republican party is to take a page out of our book and start putting forth an agenda.
6:20 am
of ideas to raise up folks who want to vote for us. you saw it from the last election. they didn't want to vote for president obama. but at least he went out and talked to him. >> obama should have been beaten. hillary's going to be tougher to beat. and the republicans have to do what's right. if they don't pick the right person, and i mean the right person, perfect. it's got to be the perfect person. they are going to get drubbed in the 2016 election. >> hillary clinton has not held any events in iowa this year but hawkeye state shadow campaign kicked off on friday at a forum hosted by emily's list. >> getting everyone excited now about what i hope will be that moment in 2017 when we all get to say, madam president, to
6:21 am
hillary rodham clinton. >> nbc news senior political editor mark murray is here with this morning's first read. we included ted cruz's data in there for his headline making comments this weekend in iowa. the vice president biden, give us a sense of the significance of this steak fry appearance. do the clintons, you know, have to make a move given what happened to the clinton campaign in iowa the last time around? >> it is very early. the assumption is both hillary clinton and joe biden wouldn't run in 2016. it's going to be one of the two most likely. but this is a way for joe biden to keep his name in the spotlight. it's never good to be a lame duck, especially a lame duck sitting vice president. by joe biden going to speak in iowa, he's gone to speak in south carolina before and elsewhere, keeps his name in the news and keeps his options open which is very important. >> good friend of senator harken there of course.
6:22 am
the texas senator ted cruz, this was his second trip to iowa in a month. he's scheduled to return again in the fall. he's going to be speaking at the iowa republican party's fall fund-raising dinner. is he tipping his hat to real political ambitions or just sort of raising his name recognition and bringing in more dollars? >> it's probably both. as i mentioned for joe biden, getting your na inting your nam spotlight, ted cruz has been doing that and more. he's going to go to new hampshire. he is all over the place. but i will repeat, again, it is very, very early. at this point in the 2008 cycle. august of 2005, hillary clinton was the clear front-runner. you had george al len was the co-front-runner on the republican side. so it is very early with still more than three years to go, peter. >> i want to get a sense, do you think it's very early with -- just kidding. let me ask you about --
6:23 am
acknowledging iing it's early, with me here. he made some headlines speaking out basically, you know, sort of attacking the past republican ticket, mitt romney, and saying the president won because he spoke to blue color voters. is rick santorum 2.0 perhaps the candidate will be focused on again? >> i think everyone should keep their eyes on rick santorum. they have a history of rewarding that person who finishes second. other second players were john mccain, mitt romney. there is that precedent. rick santorum might be the only person with that kind of populous economic rhetoric. if no one else takes that up, he could be someone to watch. >> mark murray, thank you. we look forward to doing this with you 870 more mornings till iowa. the last few days have looked and sounded a lot like august 2015. still, at this the point in 2000, consider this, barack obama had served just seven months in the senate and hillary
6:24 am
clinton looked like the inevitable nominee. if you go back to this time in 2005 specifically. let's bring in our gaggle. chicago tribute columnist clarence page. republican ad maker kim al phono. and "the washington post" chief correspondent dan balls, author of author of "collision 2012" that i spent most of my flight back to d.c. reading. nice to see you again in person. i want to put up some remarks that were rid written by mauree dowd on this topic. she said, they see the first woman president as the natural successor to the first black president. in other ways, hillary is not just a natural successor. some of the excitement about barack obama was the prospect of making a clean start, after years of getting dragged into the clinton messes. a conversation where they seemed
6:25 am
to be offering a wet kiss to one another. your column this weekend, you sort of identify some of the dangers of a clinton restoration project. what exactly do you mean? >> you know, one of the things i put in the sunday piece was if she was as formidable a politician as everybody seems to think, i mean, people are practically making her president, she should have won the 2008 contest against barack obama. and she did not for a number of reasons, including a campaign that simply wasn't up to speed in a lot of technical ways. the other was she now has to i think escape the shadows of two presidencies. both her husband's and barack obama presidency. she has to come forward, if she decides to run, with a campaign message and a fresh start that she didn't have in the last one. >> it seems like republicans have their minds made up that they're going to be competing with hillary for the next several years from now. how do they cast this as they go
6:26 am
forward? what do republicans do as they try to chip away? does anthony weiner thing impact her? >> i think you see it happening. the undercurrent of talking about her is about, you know, past scandals, is getting out of the shadow of her husband, is anthony weiner. she doesn't want all of that going on right now. i think republicans are pushing the inevitability because of the higher they are, the harder they fall. so she's the one they don't want to run against. they're going to promote her till she gets hacked off. then hopefully we'll end up with someone else. >> about time to cue the inevitable sound bites. let me get a sense from you, joe biden's made no secret of his interest. does he run? >> since what, 19, what, 88 campaign back in '87. we've been watching biden try and try again and again. i have no reason to doubt he will try again.
6:27 am
i have a different view from my colleagues. while they're both right about the concerns with hillary's negatives, don't underestimate the repressed eagerness democrats to vote for hillary clinton. barack obama came along and took care of something i'm not hearing much of this time, which is the reservations democrats had about hillary clinton because of that baggage. it's kind of evaporated now over the last few years. there's new baggage, benghazi, but that's an issue for the republican base. democrats and i think most independent voters don't even see the controversy there anymore. i think that right now the momentum is on her side. she has very little in her way except joe biden. i think joe biden's prepared for that possibility he'll have to step aside. >> one other headline made from iowa this weekend. donald trump's appearance has that sort of here we go again feel to this.
6:28 am
we're ignoring it largely. he did stick a finger into ted cruz's eye with this comment. take a listen to this conversation. >> is he eligible to be president of the united states? >> well, if he was born in canada, perhaps not. i'm not sure where he was born. >> he was definitely born in canada. >> okay, you'll have to ask him that question. >> he was definitely born in canada. does that mean sorry, ted cruz? will there be birthers on left? the same way there were birthers on the right? >> it may be the donald trump birther. seems not to let go of this issue. who knows where that will go. >> i want to get a sense from you, kim. ted cruz asked evangelical voters to send their cell phone numbers for him. this guy looks like he's making bigger plans. >> iowa doesn't want hillary clinton's shadow campaign. they want hillary clinton in their living room. they expect it because they have it each election cycle. so he is going for the personal touch. i mean, i think he is going to
6:29 am
build a database. the person who has the best ground game there wins. >> does this open up a window for somebody else who might open it up in iowa? >> it might be anybody. except maybe in the football realm. >> fair enough. we focus on the iowa hawkeyes every fall, never to be under estimated. thank you so much. the gaggle is sticking around with us. we're talking about corey booker's jersey shore thing and the big apple circus. the attorney general expected to announce big changes for drug sentencing policies in the u.s. could some drug offenders be getting out of prison? you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. you about. the new samsung galaxy s 4. it's got a front and back camera so you can take pictures at the same time. seriously! yeah - and it's on verizon's network. sweet! we can stay in touch when we go to school next year. that's so great! get the samsung galaxy s 4 for only $148 on verizon - america's largest 4g lte network. walmart. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes!
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stop and frisk tactics of the new york police department violated the constitutional rights of tens of thousands of new yorkers and called for a federal monitor to oversee broad reforms. that headline makinging news at this hour. also today, attorney general eric holder is directing federal prosecutors to change the way they file charges for some drug crimes, to reduce the number of convictions for offenses that carry inflexible mandatory minimum sentences. in a speech that will take place in san francisco this afternoon before the american bar association, holder is expected to announce the effort to curb the u.s. prison population, saying incarceration should be used, quote, to punish, deter and rehabilitate, not merely to convict warehouse and forget. we want to get right to nbc news justice correspondent pete williams who is joining me. first, i want to ask you about that headline regarding the stop and frisk policy that goes against what mayor michael bloomberg had really been
6:34 am
pushing in that city. >> the police commissioner, ray kelly, as well. i'm just looking at the decision it the judge says she finds that the police department carries out more stops where there are more black and hispanic residents, all other things being equal. she says the racial composition of these precincts. the blacks and hispanics are more likely to be stopped. and for all these various reasons, she find, it's disproportionate in minority communities, she finds this a violation of the fourth amendment. this will be -- i'm sure the still will appeal here -- what the city was arguing, and they've had lawsuits about this before, is that yes, generally speaking, police do need a search warrant. but there are exceptions made. for example, there's no search warrant when they look at your carry-on bag, to get on an airplane. when there's some overriding government policy concern,
6:35 am
that's considered to be enough to allow the police to do these searches. what the judge is seeing here is there isn't enough. there are some other problems with it. this is a single federal judge. i think it's a fairly safe bet that the city will appeal. now on to the attorney general. mandatory minimums have been controversial really since the 1990s when they came about in the response to the crack epidemic. they say the length of your sentence is there's a mandatory minimum. you have to serve five, in some case, ten years, depending on the amount of drugs involved. what the attorney general says is this is a huge problem for several reasons. number one, it isn't fair. he says the low level drug offensers that aren't connected with gangs oreg organized crimer drug cartels are getting sentences that's way beyond proportionality of what they did. he says 40% of federal prisons are now above capacity and roughly half of the inmates are
6:36 am
in there for drug crimes. you have to also recognize this is a matter of resources. the federal budget, with sequester coming, is going to be cut. he wants to try to have this piece be part of a larger strategy. to try to focus federal interests more on the more serious crimes. so in addition to saying he'll change the mandatory minimum rules, what he's saying to federal prosecutors is don't file charges that will trigger these mandatory minimums. don't specify the amount of drugs involved for these low level people. the other thing he's doing is saying the federal prosecutors should spend more of their time on serious crimes and let the locals take up some of that other slack. now, that will be controversial because local governments are facing a budget crisis too. >> all right, pete, thanks for helping us on two topics. the stratistics are staggering. pete williams, helping us this morning. coming up next, the big apple circus. the interview ahead.
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6:41 am
interview series. ben joining us this morning. ben, thanks very much. >> that also. >> that will be included as well? that's the back half hour if you will. what are we watching for in this race at this point? what is left to galvanize our attention from the race with wooener? what will you press him on this evening? >> i think it's, you know, when we started talking about doing this interview with him, he was first, he is now last. at the same time, there are ray l a lot of voters who saw this before and came back. i think he's hoping they'll come back again. he's a pioneer. >> the poll numbers -- pioneer is right. appears to be going further and further down in this race. you saw christie and quinn with roughly 25%. anthony weiner's numbers dropped. some fear it may go into single digits now. the conventional wisdom was
6:42 am
he'll show his resilience and help tee up another effort down the line. is that even an option for weiner now? >> i think not. i think, you know, it will wind u.n. doing the opposite. people will say, wow, he really ran too soon and kind of blew out whatever credibility he had. so i think, you know, his hope of, you know, some fantasy of winning this year but also for his career is to kind of crawl back to respectability. remember, it's a four-way race. you just need to get into the runo runoff. small moves in the polls can mean a lot. the difference is not huge. so it's not inconceivable that he makes it into the runoff. it's hard to see that. it's very hard to see a guy with 80% viewing him as an embarrassment getting much beyond that. >> we have the primary september 10th which means we'll talk about this for the next month. help us out right now, if you can. wet our appetites on something we'll hear tonight that we
6:43 am
haven't heard before. what can we look forward to from your conversation with anthony weiner tonight? >> i think that's kind of up to anthony. but i think there's -- i think he's -- i think there's a lot of questions, both about -- how he saw this event and how he saw everybody involved. i'm sort of interested to know what he thinks of the 15 minutes that his e-mail mate is enjoying at the moment as well. >> yeah, she's enjoying plenty of it right now. as we noted before, the first 50 days of this campaign, he raised $820,000. since that scandal broke, $24,000. but still enough money to put ads on the air in new york. ben, we'll watch tonight. we look forward to seeing what you get out of him. >> thanks. trivia type. we asked, 44 women have served in the u.s. senate. how many different states did they represent? your answer, 26. just over half the states have been represented in the senate
6:44 am
by a woman. congratulations. today's winner is dylan roberts. d.robco. send your suggestions in to @dailyrundown. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] you wait all year for summer. ♪ this summer was definitely worth the wait. ♪ summer's best event from cadillac. let summer try and pass you by. lease this all-new cadillac ats for around $299 per month or purchase for 0% apr for 60 months. come in now for the best offers of the model year.
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six candidates vying for a shot at replacing the late new jersey senator frank lautenberg are working to get folks to the polls for the state's special primary. it is tomorrow. a tough job when most are focused on the jersey shore more than they are on the voting booth. it's tougher when the front-runners are so far ahead. nbc's kasie hunt joining us live from cherry hill, new jersey, where she's tracking the movements of democratic leader corey booker.
6:48 am
campaigning today. the polls show he's got more than half of the vote in his back pocket at this point. what are the obstacles that still exist for corey booker in this final day? >> sure, good morning, we're going to talk to corey booker in a few minutes. booker has been the wide front-runner. there weren't hasn't been anyone in this pack of primary challengers who have been able to catch up. critics have raised questions about some of his financial investments in a company called way wire. he updated his disclosures to show he has between $1 million to $5 million stake in that company. we'll also talk to him about his overall message. he's doing a rally tonight in newark with actress eva longoria. he plans to discuss how he'll bring unconventional problem solving to washington. he being has used twitter quite wisely. he's also worked to involve outside philanthropic groups and
6:49 am
bring people who haven't typically been involved in politics into the process. >> give us a sense what you hear from folks who have followed the race. when you speak to folks in that state, this one obviously being separate from the time frame that is provided for the governor's election in that race. have people been pretty satisfied that corey booker is going to be their guy and they think he has those connections to washington or they think that's something that hurts him? >> the sense here, the criticism that you hear on the ground here in new jersey from some groups who are typically involved is that booker is more concerned with fame and national profile than he is about his constituents. he of course rebuts that, saying look, the ties that i have to silicon valley or leaders, philanthropic people, make it ultimately benefit the people that he served in newark. so the tension here on the ground is really that. between booker's national profile and what that national profile could potentially
6:50 am
olympic f accomplish for the state. >> and his relationship to the big moneymakers across the river there in new york city as well. kasie hunt, thank you. joining us, democratic senate candidate sheila oliver. we appreciate you joining us, miss oliver, thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> so corey booker looks like he's running away with this race, at least according to the latest polls we're seeing. has this short campaign effectively served the people of new jersey in your opinion or has it ended up focusing too much on name recognition, benefiting booker? >> i think governor christie is giving a truncated election cycle has not been of benefit to the citizens of new jersey. he came out of the gate with his twitt eter followers. which have no connection to the
6:51 am
needs of the constituency of our state. the fact he is heavily funded has influenced support for many of the political leadership because if in an election cycle, many democrats are concerned about down ballot candidates. this has not been beneficial for the constituents. >> let me interrupt to get a sense from you. questions about whether or not he split his time running a start-up internet company when he should have been serving as mayor of newark. do you think there are questions he still needs to answer? in a sentence, what would that single question you would pose to corey booker be? >> i would be concerned about his lack of exposure. concerning his investment in way wire. i would want to question him about what we all read in the new york post on saturday.
6:52 am
in term, of compensation from a law firm he was affiliated with. he never disclosed that. and he awarded legal contracts to that firm while he was being compensated by that firm. i would want some answers to those questions. >> and given what we're seeing in the polls, if he does, in fact, win, will you challenge him the next time around? >> i certainly will contemplate that. and i don't know if the other opponents in this race are thinking of that. i think we all are going to see what the results are on tuesday, and we'll decision-make from there. >> sheila oliver, from new jersey. we wish you the best of luck tomorrow. appreciate it. we want to bring back our gaggle. clarence page, dan balls, and we'll start with you as an observer of this.
6:53 am
i want to get a sense of what you make of corey booker as a candidate. because of his relationships on both costasts and in the state california now. it looks like 55% of the race may be his. >> new jersey is the most expensive media market for any campaign in the world because you have to buy new york and philadelphia. number one and number four. so i think as much as it's celebrity, it's money. i am down at the delaware shore often and his ads have been ebig what tis. i mean, that is a far reach. >> dan, a big favor? by separating these election days? >> it was a big favor for booker, a big favor for christie. it separated two very popular people, one a democrat and one a republican. it gives krif s christie the abo get a very clear field on the november election and not have perhaps as many democrats come out. it gives booker the value of having a compressed time frame to be able to win this race. >> it seems clear we'll focus on
6:54 am
a record low turnout tomorrow. the primary is really the general when it comes to the senate races in the state of new jersey. >> the experience of the twitter followers. i want to be a part of this guy's success and help him along the way. he appears to be a young man of destiny and barack obama had some controversies back in illinois you may remember in regard to finances or in regard to his next door neighbor, this sort of thing but it didn't stop his momentum and i think cory booker is in that same trajectory. >> we will hear from eric holder on the population, staggering population of inmates in this country trying to change the rules in that effort so that those who have low, i guess, less significant crimes as it
6:55 am
were will not face as significant jail times? >> yes. this is, obviously, a debate the country needs to have. the laws he is talking about came in in the mid '90s in reaction as pete williams said earlier a very significant crime wave and the crack epidemic and states passed a lot of things and this does need to be revisited in the way eric holder is talking about because we have huge overcrowding and because we do have these financial problems and because we do have the questions of whether it's the best way to deal with these kind of crimes. >> around the horn quickly. clarence? >> speaking of crime and justice. rahm emanuel deal with the terrible gang problem in chicago, homicide problem. policing prevention parenting and penalties. four things we should all remember, i think. >> they need help in chicago with the crime wave.
6:56 am
>> i'm hoping terry runs for governor. >> thanks to your 7-year-old daughter trying to make us laugh in the gaggle. >> one week ago today we learned "the washington post" graham family selling the newspaper and the product. i just want to give a shout-out and say thank you to the graham family for all they have done for the community and for newspapering and for journalism around the country. >> i think all journalists agree to that one. thanks for joining us today. that is this edition of "the daily rundown." we will see you back here tomorrow. coming up next on msnbc, chris jansing and company. thanks for joining us. hero: if you had a chance to go anywhere in the world,
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7:00 am
says that the new york city police department does this a lot. these are stop and frisk stops intended to reduce crime. roughly 4.5 million of them between june of 2004 and june of 2012. the judge makes the conclusions the city carries these out more where there are nor black and hispanic residents when all other things are equal. she says for the last decade or so, the city has been placed on notice that these frisks were being done in a racially skewed manner and the city's response she says was to encourage supervisors to do more of them. i'm reading from the judge's opinion now. the policy encourages targeting of young and black hispanic men based on their prevalence and local crime complaints and this is a form of racial pror filing. the judge finds this policy is ugly constitutional. she wants a federal monitor to make


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